Augment Your Cash Flow

How would you like to have a financing option for your business that doesn’t involve taking on a loan? You can do just that with accounts receivable financing.

Our firm, BMF Advisors, is a leader in providing finance options for small businesses. We can help your business overcome short-term capital shortfalls.

Accounts Receivable Financing: A Brief Summary

Accounts receivable is a process by which a business sells its accounts receivable to a separate agent and receives an immediate payment of cash in return. The agent pays out a generous portion of the total of accounts receivable, generally about 90%, to the seller.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

Your business will appreciate the particular benefits of financing receivables. They include:

  • Not having to take out and then pay back a loan
  • Fast, up-front receipt of funds (within 24 hours)
  • Easy application process
  • No impact to credit ratings
  • Financing that grows with your business

Ready To Learn More?

Here at BMF Advisors, our staff is waiting for your call. We can fill you in on additional details about account receivable financing. Also, we can tell you about other financing options that may be good for your specific business situation.