Stated Income Loans

Sometimes it can be downright difficult to get a traditional loan for commercial real estate purchases. After a long wait, you may even be denied the fundingIn these situations, you may be interested in learning about stated income loans.

Here at BMF Advisors, we are a leading provider of stated income loans for commercial real estate acquisition. We can help you achieve your real estate funding needs.

Differences from Traditional Loans

Typically, when applying for a traditional form of real estate financing, you will be confronted with a lengthy application and your credit history will be examined in great detail. Not so with a stated income loan. Instead, of your credit score, the lender focuses more on the actual value of the real estate in question. 

Furthermore, the application process for a stated income loan is much less intrusive than that for a traditional commercial real estate loan. Much less documentation is required. The amount of time waiting for approval is shorter as well.

Our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans

You’ll probably be amazed at the number of benefits you’ll accrue when you partner with us for a stated income loan:

  • Fixed or variable rates on fully amortized loans
  • Financed amounts can be amounts up to a half-million dollars
  • Loan-to-value ratios range up to 75%, depending on the property type and your credit background
  • A minimum credit score of 600 required
  • Almost any property will be acceptable
  • Your funding can be used for a wide variety of real estate costs

Give BMF Advisors a call today to learn more about our stated income loans. We have a well-trained and friendly staff who are fully knowledgeable in all the particulars. In fact, they can get the process kicked off today if you are ready.